The Company

Established in 1974 by Ernesto and Cresencia Herrera, Primavera Rice Mill, then known as E.M. Herrera Rice Mill, was located on rented property in Wakas, Bocaue, Bulacan. With production already at 30 sacks per hour and the demand still increasing, the current location and setup deemed insufficient. By 1983, due to the expansion of the business, the move to it’s present location in Guiguinto, Bulacan became necessary.

Under the supervision of Raffy C. Herrera since 1994, Primavera Rice Mill has grown into one of the biggest Rice Mills in the country. Increasing their milling capacity through the importation of equipment, it has allowed PRM to double the production output of their local counterparts. Increased production also means increased distribution. Therefore, PRM’s transport fleet consists of enough number of vehicles which allow them to service their clients, which include some of the biggest companies in the country. PRM also employs permanent workers and contractual workers from the surrounding community to enable them to efficiently process the clients demands.

With the completion of RM3 , we have dramatically increased our productivity and consequently increased our production capacity. We are constantly on the look-out for new and better technology which can help us deliver the highest quality rice to our customers.


Primavera Rice Mills Corporation aims to produce rice of the best quality possible, free from potentially hazardous impurities and with the natural flavors unchanged. Primavera aims to be at the forefront of rice processing technology, using tried and tested technologies to maintain its processing plant and machineries. Primavera aims for a professionalized workforce that gives extra care in the handling of its products.


Primavera rice mills envisions to be leading rice producer in the world, meeting the stringent demands of the market and serving each client with only the utmost quality of rice possible.